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Close Up Pics Answers

Which level are you on?

Please use the dropdown below to select level.

Welcome to Close Up Pics Answers

We have decided to offer 3 ways of searching for your answer which include a simple letter search form, browse by level or browse by length of word.

Game Letters Search

If you are searching by letter simply type in the letter shown on your game screen.

Level Search

If you are on level 4 of the game. please click on the range 1-25, then click on the image of level 4 to view answer.

Word Length Search

On your game screen you will notice blank tiles or square that are required for the word. Simply select the number of letters.

Screenshot Search (Coming Soon)

We will be offering a new search feature soon that will allow you to take a screenshot of the level you are on and then upload to our site for the answer.

You simply select the game you are playing and click upload.

How many letters?

Please click on how many letters are in the word you are looking for.

Which level are you on?

Please select from one of the level ranges below of the level you are currently on.

How many letters?

Please click on how many letters are in the word you are looking for.

Close Up Pics - Mediaflex Games

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