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Definition of Torment

What is the definition of TORMENT?

Here is a list of definitions for torment.

  1. unbearable physical pain
  2. extreme mental distress
  3. intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain; "an agony of doubt"; "the torments of the damned"
  4. a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented; "so great was his harassment that he wanted to destroy his tormentors"
  5. a severe affliction
  6. the act of harassing someone

What are the verbs of the TORMENT?

  1. torment emotionally or mentally
  2. treat cruelly; "The children tormented the stuttering teacher"
  3. subject to torture; "The sinners will be tormented in Hell, according to the Bible"

What are the synonyms of the word TORMENT?

What is another word for TORMENT?. Here is a list of synonyms for TORMENT.

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