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Definition of Acute

What is the definition of ACUTE?

Here is a list of definitions for acute.

  1. a mark placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation

What are the synonyms of the word ACUTE?

What is another word for ACUTE?. Here is a list of synonyms for ACUTE.

  1. acute accent
  2. -
  3. -

What are the adjectives of the ACUTE?

  1. having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course; "acute appendicitis"; "the acute phase of the illness"; "acute patients"
  2. extremely sharp or severe; "acute pain"; "felt acute annoyance"; "intense itching and burning"
  3. having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions; "an acute observer of politics and politicians"; "incisive comments"; "icy knifelike reasoning"; "as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang"; "penetrating insight"; "frequent penetrative observations"
  4. of an angle; less than 90 degrees
  5. ending in a sharp point
  6. of critical importance and consequence; "an acute (or critical) lack of research funds"

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